Now in Slovenian

A little update on things over at the Hudin Family Tree site, in that, if it’s your thing, you can use the whole site in Slovenian. Many thanks to Marko Hudin, my distant, maybe-we’ll-figure-out-the-direct-relation-after-this-Ožujsko, cousin in Slovenian.
So, now there are three languages and overall, it’s been a pretty useful thing to have around. I’ve heard from a few Hudins in Austria, Sweden, and France. I’ve had a few more submit and there will be many more entered after I make my trip to Croatia again this year in a few months.
According to some at the Wikipedia group, this is a vanity project–“Delete per nom. This is a vanity article. – Cymsdale”. I guess quite literally, it is, as it’s for myself and my family at large. But what out there that is created which isn’t vanity at some level? I didn’t really get any links from them anyways, so I suppose they can be free to delete perfectly valid information from their site. Such a waste. It goes to show what happens when people get elite about being an administrator of something. I know, I’ve been there. Power is cool, but it warps you as well. To be honest, I’m much happier and untwisted not having it.