Not Living Within Your Means

When walking back from the Whole Foods the other night, I saw a pretty amazing site, like some kinetic sculpture from Burning Man or something. There was this shopping cart being pushed along by a rather shabby-looking, homeless guy. This really isn’t news to anyone living in this fair city, but what was news was the fact that he had all this junk piled up about 12-15 feet high and precariously strapped down to the cart. Obviously the slightest tremor in The Force (i.e. San Andreas Fault) and this was going to topple and kill multiple people.
As I watched it shimmy by on wheels that were never designed for this purpose, I realize that in a nutshell, this guy was broadcasting his problem for all of us to see in that, he couldn’t live within his means. He has just a shopping cart, thus he can only have what the shopping cart can carry. But no, he has to push the boundaries of that, which is more than likely the reason he ended up homeless in the first place. So many people in this country are unable to really manage their lives and know what they have to work with. This is why my father would always wonder why anyone on welfare was ever given cash, being that the reason they were on welfare in the first place is because they didn’t know how to manage their cash.
But this really isn’t just about being poor. Close family members have trouble paying their cellphone bills; regularly. People that I know who don’t need cars will buy cars. I buy too much cheese (of course, I look upon that more as an addiction than a management issue.) We all seem to have some dysfunction when it comes to our lives. I suppose that it’s just a matter as to the extent of this as to whether you’re be pushing around a shopping cart that’s as high as a small house.

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  1. In the post dot-bomb era, it seems that prices have followed those who are still in the mythical “average” income bracket of 6-figures in the Bay Area. The rest of the kids out of school automatically have to compete with this scenario.

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