Norwegian Plus Bicycle Equals?

I have recently been shown the exploits of one, Rune Monstad, otherwise known as Viking Biker. The premise of his journeys and blog sounded fun, being that he’s a Norwegian biking around all the continents for a couple of years and documenting it. Naturally, images of some blond, tall, long haired wild man popped in to my head as he tore around the open road on a Harley or something. But, no, this guy is pedaling a mountain bike everywhere. Thusly, it’s taking him quite a long time to get places.
Probably the best thing about his site are the videos. They show that yes, he is indeed insane with frozen ice clinging to his face while riding his bike from city to city in Canada and refusing rides from people because it would destroy the premise of what he’s doing. The videos also show that he has one of the thickest Norwegian accents I’ve ever heard.
Pretty crazy guy and in fact crazier than the one I had originally envisioned. A good read for anyone who is happy being wherever they are and not freezing while pedaling along a highway somewhere.