Nobody Looks Good in Juicy Couture. Nobody!

After my recent trip to Oroville, I was brutally reminded of the fact that sweats and gym clothes should not be worn in a non-gym setting. Ever. This naturally begs the question as to why anyone spends the lewd amounts of money required to buy Juicy Couture (their site is definitely dope though)?
These are sweats. These are velour or whatever. These are not good. Even the hottest of models who have asses that should be canonized look like hell when they wear this stuff. I see girls walking around San Francisco who would light the street on fire in a pair of basic jeans, yet they douse all sexual fires by wearing these dumpy sweats.
I suppose it’s what marketing and a brand name will do for you. I’m a jeans kind of guy. Naturally I own a few suits and even a good tuxedo. Sometimes I’ll try something different and hit up a trend just because, but you would never, ever catch me wearing this crap unless I was going as an asshole for Halloween.
It mystifies me why people wear it and was a little shocking to see that there was little change from the fatcart assisted stroll at Orovillian Walmart to the trendy jaunt at Union Square when I returned from far up north.