No More target?

In writing web page code (for those that are new to these things) in the link tag, if you want to have your link open up in another window, you type, target=”_blank” and your needs will be met. The only probablem with this is that this particular tag has been written out of the XHTML standard we’re all starting to conform to. What gives?
The only way to get around this that I’ve found have been some messy Javascript things that are nuts, using the “rel” property in the tag. For some reason I have a feeling this will get put back in unless someone comes up with a good way to deal with this. For the time being, I guess I’ll make all the validators happy out there and leave out the target attribute on any links I do from this point on, because I’d much rather not use the Transitional option since, while legitimate, it always seems like a hack to do things like that.
Anyways, sorry for the very geeky article. I just “go there” sometimes…