No Comprendo

Man, what a whacky commute out to the East Bay yesterday. First it felt like I was on a train that was going to a Spanish speaking conference or something since everyone around me was chatting in the Espanol. Even when I got off the train and started walking up to Cal, everybody was still speaking Spanish. I guess this is what I get for making a movie about people speaking Spanish… badly. Irony is a bugger somedays.
Then on the train back, I see a girl with an empty baby stroller. Not the most common of things to see, even here. As I’m sitting there, I get let in to her plight via a loud cellphone call. She told her friend that she was going down to a battered women’s shelter to get her baby. It was pretty obvious that the guy she was with had been a real piece of work to her, as she had some visible scratches and bruises on her arms. It was just sad really. Not even the little dog in the corner can be happy about this one.
Thankfully things got on an even keel once back in the City, but what weirdness. I used to blame this kind of stuff on the full moon, until I realized it happens all the time and humans is just freakins’ weirds at times.