Nije Još Hrvatski Razred :(

I am very sad. I had to drop my Croatian class. I suppose that after the first semester, I was doing pretty well. Then toss in a couple of classes this semester and things were doing even better, but still, it just seems like I’ve failed. I hate not seeing things through to completion and well, May would have been completion for this class. It feels like I’ve ended a relationship or something.
I suppose it’s not the end of the world as long as I can make a trip over there this summer. And of course, that was part of the reason for leaving the class, since it was $1800 to take it through Berkeley Extension, plus the fact it’s $500 in Bart tickets for a semester to get over there! So that’s two and almost three plane flights to the region. Which brings up a point in that I don’t know if you’ve looked at the cost of plane tickets to Europe for this summer, but they’ve gotten mightily expensive!

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  1. I’m sure 2 months of being over there will be a lot more useful than taking the class, you’ll practically be forced to get better, or have a miserable time.
    Let me know what kind of filming or reporting you’re ultimately doing, I have a journalist friend there who knows half of the freaking country because she filmed them for one reason or another.

    1. Yeah, even when I was there last year, just being around people made me start to understand things faster. I can only imagine how it will be now that I have a lot of structure and more basic vocabulary under my hat.
      Now I just have to go around my apartment and put little tags on everything with the Croatian word so that the noun list in my head will grow more. That will probably be the most useful thing for me at this point.
      I will take you up on the introduction offer. I don’t know where in the country I will be at this point, but I hope to do more island hopping this time around. But, I know I’ll be in Zagreb at some point if for nothing more than meeting up with some relatives and doing more family research at državni arhiv

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