Here and There

World Cup Focus
A page dedicated to pulling together all the World Cup links on Maneno as well as elsewhere. A handy reference for those looking in to what’s happening with the Cup once it’s starts up next week.

South Africa URL shortener
At some point, I really need start using a tag whenever the Balkans and Africa have some kind of crossover. It happens rarely, but in the case of this add-it-to-the-pile URL shortener (a popular word to call South Africa) it just so happens that they made use of the Slovenian country code domain for the .si portion. I guess Balkrica is about as decent a name as I can think of for these odd instances because really, they’re always odd.

African Mobile Saturation
Finally, an article saying a lot of the same things that I try to keep driving home about all the praise constantly heaped on to the African mobile market. It’s a good read and it brings up points that I hadn’t even thought about yet.

Tanzanian Internet Backbone
You don’t hear too much about it due to Northern neighbor, Kenya grabbing gobbling up all the press for their connectivity. But, rest assured, Tanzania, like Uganda and other countries in the east is rapidly getting connected and changing the face of broadband in Africa.