New Year’s Realization

Most people will go on and on about their New Year’s Resolutions. I know that my gym is packed this time of year because of this. Naturally, I’ve got one or two myself, but there’s no point in telling them because I’ll either break them or stay happily wedded to the ideas. No, I think that my New Year’s Realization was much better this year.
Basically, I’m not a tremendous fan of drinking holidays. They were fun when I was in my early twenties, but now waking up feeling like the floor of a taxi has lost a bit of its luster. This carried through with New Year’s and I really got to the point of not liking the holiday much after the big one in 2000. I would kinda skip or just half ass the holiday and sometimes not go at all.
It took this New Year’s (my last one for my twenties by the way) for me to realize that when people drag me out to the party, I’ll have a good time. So, it’s not so much that I don’t like to boogie, it’s that I’m incredibly lazy about it. Also, no one really seems to make any plans until the day before in San Francisco, so I don’t make plans until the day of. Luckily, this year a few people gave me a call to come out and I reluctantly did to see in the New Year right with people I knew or kinda knew and that was good.
Now, I’ll just have to see how these resolutions stand up. Man are we a time-centered society…