New Year’s Eve Rubs Me How I Don’t Like

And with this, another year has passed. This was a year that I wasn’t particularly crazy about seeing end as it was a good year. It was a fast year, due to all the traveling, but it was a good year.
Of course, the end of the year is always marked by New Year’s Eve. To most folks, this means drink like crazy and I was definitely like most folks until about the age of 25. Since then (and as I quickly roll in to 31) I’ve really been burned out on the heavy drinking and stupidity that goes along with New Year’s in this country. My ideal way to spend it now is to be with friends and/or family, being mellow, going to sleep at what is basically the normal time I go to sleep around two, and then waking up the next day and not having to wonder, “Where am I? Whose pants are these? Why does this girl snore so loud and have such hairy arms?”
Yes, New Year’s has toned down a bit in recent years. So, just to confirm that I wasn’t missing out on anything, Number One Fan and I went down to the Ferry Building to see what goes down. It turns out not a lot goes down that I want any part of. It’s mostly a lot of trashy folks running around drunk, throwing up, and frontin’ glow sticks and other garbage that they get for the night.
On a good note, once the fireworks started, we managed to get some good shots of them, although fireworks is fireworks and thusly they are nothing special. I did get a couple of good shots of The Sign Guy and have realized that there are enough for this odd fellow to be graced with his own gallery on this site. The bad note to all of this is that the clock tower at the Ferry Building doesn’t chime and so we were unable to eat the 12 midnight grapes in time with the bells.
Also unfortunate was the mad rush of people leaving the Ferry Building area and “genius” of SFPD’s crowd management that is always staggeringly bad. For this, they tried channel all these thousands of people on to the sidewalks along Market Street instead of just closing the street where it hits Embarcadero for 15 minutes to clear everyone out of there. No, this couldn’t happen as traffic must be allowed to drive through there. I mean, who are these people driving at midnight and why are they being allowed through the downtown? Such mysteries have always been thorny issues in my head.
Anyways, Happy New Year and I’m off to Hawaii in a week, so despite the annoyance of New Year’s Eve, I think the year will start off mighty fine.
New Year's Eve Rubs Me How I Don't Like

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