New From Firefox

I, like most people out there, am a big fan of Firefox. It is afterall the only browser that’s actually gaining a market share these days, at the cost of Internet Explorer.
In a new pitch to spread the whole message of this great browser that really is the only alternative to Explorer, they are embarking on a heavy campaign to get the word out. If you haven’t heard about it by now, check it out.
And yes, the trends are continuing for Explorer. In March 2005, it dropped to 79.8% and to date in April, it is 79.2% with Firefox taking a commanding gain at 8.8%. Safari is also in there at 7%, but honestly, that is a terrible browser and no one should use it, even the most devote of Mac people. The Mac I have to use at work has every browser available and in addition to just not showing sites correctly, it crashes often.
Get Firefox and get down with the rest of us.