New Belden Taverna

For a few months, I’ve been wondering what was going to open where the venerable Cafe 52 closed a year ago in Belden Place. Well, last week I found out that it’s a new place called Belden Taverna. I stopped by to chat with the owner and manager about putting their info up on the Belden Place site that I built. They were pretty excited to do so, since their official site isn’t going to be ready for some time. I was excited to have them get their stuff in there because I had been meaning to get the sectioned Photos and Menu functionality up and running for some time.
So, that’s all tied together and functioning pretty well I feel. I just need to try and make it by for their grand opening tonight. Maybe they’ll kick down a dish for the effort I’ve made. Whatever the end result, it’s just given the Belden site a bit more of a boost and depth that it really has been needing all along.