New Articles

Over on the professional side of things: I’ve got a few new things in written up.
For those that thought I was just some guy who wrote about whatever on his little website, you’re right! But, I also happen to be an IT guy when I get the chance and I’ve written up a lot of articles about what I’ve discovered over time. Some of these are still in my head, but for the ones I’ve committed to the database, you can find them at
For those that aren’t in to learning about how InDesign & InCopy work together or how to install Bridge Workflow plugins in to InDesign may not be in to these articles, but for those who are, I’ve spend a bit of time writing everything up, so I hope you enjoy them.
By the way, if you ended up here at because of a link like, then be cheered to know that the resource section on is where you want to go. It’s all there now and arranged in to more bite-sized chunks for your enjoyment.