New and Improved Family Tree

Time to give myself a pat on the back and some proppage because I just relaunched my Family Tree site at
The system was functional before and did what it needed to do which was namely allow for a dynamic online space where people could enter themselves as members and track our very disparate family tree. The code did not do this as gracefully as it could on the backend. So on my return from Europe, I overhauled all the code and design. That image you see as a backdrop is the Državni Arhiv in Zagreb which is not only an amazing building, but also the state archive for the whole country. I spent many an hour there on my last trip. This was also another part of the reason for the redesign, because I have firmly established my branch of the Hudin family in Croatia back about six generations. This required a nicer looking site.
Three big features I added were: emailing people who have an email on file, the ability to make a person anonymous if need be, and much stronger multi-language support. It’s the last item I’m really proud of. While I didn’t do the translations you see, I took a system that I was pretty happy with and made it something awesome. Transferring between languages is so much smoother now and most importantly, it is more friendly to the search engines and Search Engine Optimization. From what I could see in the indexing of the site, the spiders were rather confused by the fact a page at the same address could be a completely different language. No longer an issue, but it unfortunately means that bookmarks will have to be updated. I’m hoping that using the Google Sitemap feature will speed up the indexing process as well. We’ll see…
Overall, it turned out great and I’d like to thank the various family members and friends who helped with testing this new version and doing all the translations.