Netflix Killed the Video Store

Ah, Netflix… I really like you, but you’ve definitely done some crazy things to the video market in large places like San Francisco. And when I mean crazy, I mean basically blown rental shops out of the water.
The bigger places like Blockbuster will probably stay around for some time, but a lot of the small guys are quitely closing up shop and moving to more fertile pastures, wherever those may be for the former proprietor of a video rental shop. Some may pine at the loss of these two-decade old neighborhood icons, but I’m not really all that bothered. Besides the porn shops in my area (and Blockbuster, which is pretty much the same thing, but family oriented), about the only place that was nearby to rent from was VideoZone, formerly at Mason & Bush. I tried to support this guy for the longest time. We was a real film fanatic and liked rare and hard ot find things. But that was the most ironic of problems with his selection in that it was generally rare and hard to find what it was that you were looking for.
Everytime I’d go in there, I’d always come out with something other that what I originally wanted and for a time this was fun as I discovered new films. But as it went on and on like that, it got difficult. Throughout my last few visits there, I would often leave without anything rented. It got to the point where I needed an alternative and this wasn’t the Blockbuster up the street, but Netflix. I joined and immediately started to love it. Queue Tango (see below) and isolation from other humans aside, it’s been a good experience. Of course, this has all come at the cost of places like VideoZone first moving and then closing altogether.
This seems to be happening a lot these days to these small shops, but I guess with progress comes some broken eggs. I just find it hillarious that Blockbuster has started their own subscription service. They don’t understand that those of us who went with Netflix did it not because of it being an online service and cheaper, but because we hate Blockbuster more than being kissed by someone with bad breath. Corporations with all their fancy charts, marketing, and focus groups are funny. They don’t really get it. Hopefully Netflix stays around, otherwise, we’re gonna be hosed when it comes to watching movies because I simply do not go to the theater anymore.