Here and There: Mostly Maps Edition

One of my main hobbies is maps. Not really making them so much, but more seeing them and staring at them. That’s why these couple of maps I found quite cool.
Malaria in the USA
Yeah, I know that a lot of people think that malaria is a “mostly-African” problem. Truth is, it existed a great many places in the world in addition to Africa. This map from 1870 in the US shows that it was indeed a rather massive problem there as well. It can definitely be eradicated with time, but it’s tough when “winters” are like the really fantastic 25C days I experienced in Ghana.
The internet map
The description breaks it down a lot better than I could ever hope to summarize. It’s been around for some time, but I still find it really cool. See if you can figure out which parts are most likely the African networks.
Iris Amuto: The African Paradox
Video of a young Kenyan speaking about perception in regards to Africa. She has some really great points, one of my favorite being, “The word depression does not exist in most African languages.” I’ve found out in further talks with some people that where it does seem to exist, it’s really a loan word from a European language. That has to be one of the most telling sentences about what the real Africa is like.