Nearing a More Perfect Cup of Tea

If you follow along in the Tea Reviews section, then you’re very aware of how much I like tea. One unfortunate personal downfall is that despite my love of the leaf, the ability to make the perfect loose leaf cup seems be an elusive goal for me. This tends to result in the cop out of using bags and while they’re good, they’re not really ever as perfect as loose leaf can be, when made right of course. They also happen to be considerably more expensive and less environmentally friendly, since pure tea leaves are so easy to compost and recycle.

But, it seems that with hundreds of attempts under my belt, I’m starting to get closer to figuring out proper loose leaf methods. My problems all seemed to revolve around the amount (I put in too much) and the steep time (I let it sit too long). About a pinch and a half from my big monkey fingers seems to be the right amount for a single cup that is laced with a lot of flavor, but not too much flavor to the point of being overwhelming. As for the time I’ve been letting it steep, this is still something of a work in progress. At times, I get it just right by leaving it shorter than what seems should be enough time to me. But still, I’m over steeping just a little much. If I pay attention to the color that seems to help.

I’m sure I’ll get it right someday and while this is a silly pursuit, at least it’s not a costly one since the only things I need are tea leaves and boiling water. There is no $400 machine that I need like in coffee and the fact you have to “meditate” a bit to get the cup right is something that I like. Anyways, I’ve got a large lot of loose leaf samples coming from a tea blender for me to review, so I’ll get more practice and more reviews up in due course.