had a post two days ago about dangerous ‘Chinese’ mobiles. Apparently these dual SIM card phones that are coming in from China emit large doses of radiation. The link I just provided was more to talk about dual SIM phones in Africa overall as that article talks dual SIM phones in Zambia that are being produced there. No word on if those are harmful.
Naturally, these ‘Chinese’ ones (I’m not sure if this is a blanket term being used to insinuate something or not) are being scooped up by the masses in Africa as they’re cheap, feature-laden, and can even support up to three SIM cards. Who wouldn’t want to buy something like this? Of course, there are no hard facts and numbers to back up this article, which is unfortunate as it’s so much easier to say something than to prove it. Still, there may be merit and hopefully people will look in to it.
And what gives with major handset producers not jumping on the dual SIM bandwagon in the US and Europe? Everyone talks about smartphone this or 3G that, but given the amount that a lot of people travel, having the ability to take only one phone to hold your home number and host country number would seem like a really useful feature, but Yugatech points out why they probably aren’t doing it. Still, dual SIMs are a lot more useful than some point and shoot camera which, no matter how you make them, always have sub par quality. Maybe it’s just me, but I vote Yes on proper dual SIM phones. Three might be a bit overkill though.
The mobiles are out to kill you