My Very First Film Festival

It was bound to happen some day and it finally did happen, yesterday. I screened my film at my very first film festival, the Alameda International Film Festival. I feel it did pretty well and came out looking good, especially considering the money that others obviously spent (mine was $300) and the massive crews that others had (I had four people.)
The screening was one of those funny things that you don’t soon forget as my film was the last to screen in a batch of eight. I take it that meant it was the strongest and they wanted to close strong. Others could read it as that’s just how it was. But whatever the case, it showed in this funky theater called Central Cinema which only fits about 50 people and all the seats are old couches. Whadeva. It was comfortable. Of course, it was kind of strange to be watching in a theater that used to be a morturary and it was equally strange to see that our screening was wedged between the 3:30 showing of “Chicken Little” and the 7:30 showing of “Chicken Little”. There were all these kids with impatient looks on their faces as we left the theater.
Did all of that steal some of the glory? Nah, no way. It’s a first screening. You never forget your first time at anything.