My Top 5 Croatian Whites for 2007

Fresh on the tail of my Top 5 Croatian Reds, I thought it would be timely to mention my favorite whites for the year. While solidly a red drinker, I was shown the glory of being that is the white wine in the Mediterranean, where even the Chardonnay tastes good (no idea what they do to crap it up in California). These may not be whites for white lovers, but at the very least, they’re damned fine wines:

5. Pošip Čara – Marko Polo
Pošip is the primary grape of Korčula and for a reason. They do it very well there. Even though this is from a large producer, it’s still a very tasty and mild white that can be enjoyed anytime despite the cheesy name.

4. Demian – Malvazija
In the south of Istria, they make mighty fine wines, despite the shafting they get from the establishment. This is a solid example of the whites made here.

3. Kozlović – Malvazija
Way up in the north of Istria, they’re making whites like this that are crisp, sweet, delicious and perfect. This is one that you can get in the US and worth every penny it may cost.

2. Zigante – Vero
An Istrian maker who have this barrique version of the standard Malvazija that is a perfectly balanced wine.

1. Bibich – Lučica
Heaven in a bottle and from an area that isn’t known so much for its whites like Istria. It’s a blend of several whites in the area including one called Debit. The newest vintage that’s just been bottled is flat out incredible and as far as I’ve heard, already sold out!
My Top 5 Croatian Whites for 2007