My Top 5 Croatian Reds for 2007

My Top 5 Croatian Reds for 2007

There’s been a lot of wine drinking in Croatia this year for me and after two months, sampling the entire coastal productions, I have a really good idea of what I like and what I don’t like. The title of this post really gives away the meaning, so I just wanted to share with all the rest of you my favorite reds coming out of Croatia this year:

5. Kiriđija – Dingač
An older fellow on Pelješac, he makes a very good and deep Plavac Mali grown in the Dingač region of that peninsula.

4. Demijan – Barrique
The only Istrian member to the group because while I haven’t tried every wine from Istria, this is a mighty fine vintage of Terran.

3. Bibich – Mantra
A finely crafted wine. The newest vintage blows away all previous editions.

2. Baković – Plavac Murvica
A real surprise, since I tasted the wine so long after meeting the maker. I call it the ‘perfect plavac’.

1 (tied). Zlatan Plenković – Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru
I don’t know what wine could knock this out the number one spot and I suspect it will be there for some time to come. It’s a beautiful Plavac Mali that is barrel-aged to be one of the tastiest wines in the country. Try and find it if it doesn’t sell out before you can.

1 (tied). Svirče – Ivan Dolac Eko
Brilliant, just like the Grand Cru and it makes sense, seeing as how they’re maybe 15 kilometers from each other on the same island. This wine has all the sophistication of the Grand Cru, but in different ways that let it be just as tasty a Plavac Mali, while being its own wine.