My Ongoing Netflix Battle

I’ve been waiting for the very first disc of the “Six Feet Under” series for some time now. Everyone ran around telling me how great it was to the point where my interest is piqued and I’m going to give it a whirl. Netflix though, has other plans for my viewing pleasure.
It seems I am in this nasty little tango with them as they tempt me with the fact that it’s available and then I send in a film I’ve watched to suddenly have it be a “Short Wait” and thus I get the next film after it on my list. I’ve had this one disc in the number one spot in my queue for nearly a month. Maybe it’s just my bad luck, but it seems like someone has got my number and wants to mess with me. I’ve had other discs go through a similar process but ship out rather quickly. It could also be that this is insanely popular right now, but for some reason the second series disc is readily available. Do I dare to watch out of sequence? Ever since my mistake with Doctor Zhivago and watching the second disc first, I’ve tried hard to not stray down that path.
So, here I sit with three discs we haven’t watched. The earliest they’ll get these back is Monday and naturally the availability is “Now” for this disc. Will I finally get my disc I want or will there be another turn in the music with a side step to a “Short Wait” which leaves me trailing, trying fruitlessly to catch up? Oh, the suspense is unreal and well, not all that important. But, we shall see in the next episode!