An auto mechanic that I admire a great deal once said, “If you own an old Volkswagon Bug and work on it yourself for long enough, at some point, you will realize that you somehow have two of them.” I believe the same thing can be said that if one is working with Frontline SMS for long enough, eventually no one in your family will need a new mobile phone again. Ever. Ken Banks and his software team do a great job with the ominous task of trying to connect with a huge slew of different mobile phones. Manufacturers all love to have their own way to connect their phone to a computer which even varies by model and so a software like Frontline needs write something to handle each and everyone of these phones.
In going through the various handsets I have: Nokia 6301, Sony Ericsson K310i, Blackberry Curve, and Nokia E62, it was the Sony Ericsson K530i (top left in the photo below) that decided to play nice. It makes sense though as Frontline is designed to work in more rugged conditions where SMS is the connectivity method and where lower end phones are much more common. This is the reason that my E62 and Blackberry rightfully don’t work with the software, nor should they. I like the fact that they’re focusing more on mobiles that you can pick up for $20 USD or less.
For those looking for more info than my experiences in developing the mobile side of Maneno, check out this thread on the quite useful Frontline SMS Ning. It’s very helpful to folks and should have a sticky on it or something to point people to it directly.
My new life as a phone farmer