My New Favorite Bumper Sticker

In general, I think that bumper stickers are pretty lame. Some may say that one feels proud and strong enough in their beliefs to wear them on the back of their car. I say that you are really quite shaky in what you believe in so you have to broadcast it to everyone just so that they know how you feel. I guess the one bright side is that I’ve rarely seen an old Volvo that needs paint…
But even though I have a strong distate of bumper stickers from growing up in a redneck town that sported such gems as, “Impeach Clinton” and “Due to a shortage of paper products, wipe your ass on the spotted owl”, there are a couple that I’ve enjoyed. Probably the best is one you really don’t see much, “Play an accordian, go to jail, that’s the law.” That’s just brilliant. Of course, I like one that you see on the back of just about every Subaru wagon in Berkeley which is, “Dog is my co-pilot.” Maybe it’s because I find the “God is my co-pilot” sticker so annoying (especially since the people with that sticker drive live crap) or maybe it’s because I’m a dog person, but I just don’t get bored of that one.
So now, I have a new one that I saw the other day. In the vein of a t-shirt that says, “What would Ashton do?” this is, “Who would Jesus bomb?” I love it. Anyone who would get pissed at it isn’t a true Christian because naturally, Jesus would bomb no one and yet, it delivers a not so subtle anti-war message. The people who come up with these just have a time and a place where everything comes together and they’re able to pull four words in to something meaningful.