My Lovely Prescription

I’ve got an astigmatism. Besides getting to tell people I have AN A-stigmatism, I also get the joy of wearing glasses. I suppose I’ve had this problem most of my life, but didn’t get my first pair of spectacles until the tender age of 16, which also happened to be the same year I checked out of high school, so the trauma of four-eyed-dom never came to frutition.
I never really thought there was anything that special about my prescription. It’s a decently strong prescription, but there are quite a few people out there with my malady and they’ve been making glasses to correct it for many, many years. The odd thing is though, it is rather hard for them to get my prescription right.
I recently bought another pair of prescription sunglasses (let that be a lesson to never buy sunglasses over $200 since you will inevitably lose them) and they got them all ready to go, except for the fact that one of the lenses is completely out of spec. Odd you may say. Surely, this thing doesn’t happen that often? Ah, but it does. This makes either the 2nd or 3rd pair I’ve had this happen with. While I’ve never kept track to see if its the same eye and my eyes are very slightly different from one another, it’s amazing how it seems to keep haunting me.
It’s not the worst thing in the world, since they always fix it for free, but its very odd putting on something that’s supposed to correct your vision and suddenly, one eye can see through walls, while the other one is just fine. And that’s the thing, its not just a little off, it’s WAY off, like they’ve given me the prescription for Ray Charles.
Life is funny, but at least it laughs at me in ways that don’t interfere with my life all that badly.