My Life is Sorta Complete

I had a couple of goals I wanted to get out of the way as soon as possible once I was “work-free” or “funemployed” or whatever else people who are out of work call it so that it doesn’t sound so bad that their income has been readically reduced. The first goal was to complete and I got that done the week before last. My next goal was to finish up the suggestion and contact areas for this site which I did shortly after. Next was the onerous project of getting pagination working for photos which I just did a couple of days ago as well as adding about another 60 images in there! You should take a look if you haven’t already.
So, with those out of the way, I was pretty happy, yet there was one big goal that remained, which was to get the search function up and running, which I’m happy to say I’ve just finished today. There may be a couple of bugs in it and I’m not thrilled about the lack of modularity with the code, but for now, it’s done. And with that, I’ve gotten a lot of items out of the way in just about two weeks. Is my life complete as the title of this bit infers? Well, not really. I have a lot more things to do. A big one is to get all fired up to be the new site for the Hudin Family Tree. That’s one site that I’m going to have to think about for awhile though. It’s complex and very involved. It also has other problems like not being able to use Unix timestamps like I’ve been using everywhere else because they only go back to 1970 (on Microsoft) and 1900 (on Linux) servers, which is a bit of a problem as a good many people in my family were born a very long time ago.
Then there’s the movies, the job hunt, and about 32,234,112 other things that I’m working on at the moment. I have no idea how I did this when I was gone for 12 hours a day. I suppose I fit it in as I could or was just waiting until I had the time to work up everything properly like this. Anyways, search to your heart’s content now and tell me what I shoudl write about dammit!