My Hey Is Pathetic

A long time ago in a county far, far away I used to work in construction to some degree. It was the only real job in my hometown and I made due with it as much as I could. In doing so, it seemed that I gravitated towards electrical work and tile setting. Even getting rather good at these crafts, I never seemed to really fit in. I couldn’t figure out why other than the very true fact it wasn’t where I was to go in life and that somehow the guys I worked with could feel that. I now realize that the real reason was how pathetic my “Hey” was.
“Hey” has to be one of the most used phrases on a construction site and there is an art to this. It’s not just yelling out the word often and frequently, it’s knowing how to yell it. I never quite got that. The other guys working on whatever they were working on could hear me, but they could hear my convictions were lacking. And it’s true, they were. I never really understood how important a good, “Hey!” was when you needed something or “Hey!” to let someone know they were about to be crushed be a steel I-Beam.
Too little too late in this lesson. But, I suppose it’s for the better as film and computers have suited me fine despite my pathetic “Hey”.