My First Ćevapi

I have heard about it for some time, the ćevapi, a sausage dish that is traditionally Bosnian. I never really got around to eating it since I have never been to Bosnia. So, as I was staying in Ljubljana, a friend asked me if I had had it to which I said no of course and so we went to go have one.

The serve it with a type of cheese called kajmak, onions, and a flatbread. Toss in a beer on the side for good measure. Once you take a bite, you will most likely be like me and go effing gawd damn this good!

I am no fan of lamb, but the way they mix it with the beef, it just tastes great. I doubt that it is “less filling” though as it is a pretty hardy meal. But, much like the burek that I know and love in Croatia, everything comes together in a super mixture that is so rock and roll, I can not tell you.

When you get the chance, do it. Go čevapi. I have no clue where to get hooked up in the US, but places like Chicago or maybe New York might have this little guys.