My Chi Is Pissed

I’ve made another attempt at the yoga on Sunday. I haven’t really had good luck with the yoga in the past, but that was Bikram Yoga at Funky Door Yoga in San Francisco. I’ve blabbed about the problems before. Needless to say, I find Bikram and definitely Funky Door to be flawed. My new yoga instructor isn’t in to it and I’ve also talked with a co-worker about the problems that we’ve both experienced in our backs after having done the whole Bikram thing. I don’t think things have ever really sorted out for me with it a year later and thus, I’ve turned to Hatha yoga as a means to an end of constant, craptastic pain.

It’s not to say that you can’t overdo Hatha yoga as well. There are many levels to it and if like me, you think you’re all macho and can hit the top level on the first try, you’re going to be in for a world of hurt. You need to get over the fact that there will be 70 year old women who kick your ass in the yoga department. This is good. Respect them and learn from them. If you still don’t get over it, then, if you must, do some passive-aggressive things like take their “spot” in the room or ask to see pictures of their grandchildren and then walk away laughing before they get them out. Just, whatever you do, don’t do the damned head stands to try and impress or keep up.

I made the later mistake on Sunday. I tried for the head stand, was amazed that I was actually upside down for the first time in my life and have since been paying for it ever since with a lot of pain and general weirdness. After talking with my mom (who also does Hatha) she was saying that I stirred up my Chi, that all of the energy in the core of me is circulating. Judging by the headaches, hot flashes, and general blah I’ve been feeling I think I down right pissed off my Chi in a big way. Anyways, word of warning.