My one and a half minutes of Catalan fame

I typically find little reason to open my eyes at 7:00 but, if Catalan National TV tells me on a Thursday that I need to do this the next Monday for a short segment about the Priorat book, then I will most assuredly watch the sun rise from the train window. The end result you can see here which was broadcast today after they filmed and edited it just a couple of hours prior to it going out on the Catalan midday news. And, unlike the midday news in the US, everyone here watches it. They even brought out their “mobile unit” with a satellite dish to broadcast from these remote reaches of Priorat which made me feel super cool in that now I can say someone “brought out the mobile unit” for me.

A couple of things to note about this bit. First off, the title which is, “Guia d’un californià sobre el vi del Priorat” and in English means, “A guide about the wines of Priorat by a Californian”. This doesn’t really do justice to my editor in chief who was the co-author, but at least she received a good chunk of the segment to talk about the book–in proper Catalan. My Catalan was well, “okay” after several takes and then thinking later in pure “jerkstore” reflection that I had far better things to say like, “Priorat is a region deep in history, but forgotten by time” or something else that would have undoubtedly garnered accolades, groupies, and my own reality TV show.

One other minor note is that while I start out decently strong, I quickly start looking like this “wine troll” character that my editor and chief and I have devised over the years. I want to say that the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds or that I was in awe of the setting, but in reality, I was just fucking tired and most assuredly showed it.

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  1. Thank you. Of course, you need to add that it was almost like a native speaker if he/she was half asleep. Mica a mica…

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