My loss of digital memory

I might still have your information on a piece of paper somewhere. Maybe I have a photo of you. But, whatever the case, if you haven’t emailed me at my GMail address after February 8th, 2006, chances are, I’ve completely forgotten who you are and what we might have done together.

My reliance on Google to store all that is me really came to pass when I was trying to find an old contact to ask her about international shipping given that she works for Matson. She had acted in two films that I directed and one would think that I’d have her contact somewhere, especially with how much I spam let actors know developments of the little films I made. But, the last time we worked together was in 2005 and while I started my GMail account in February of that year, in order to not waste space when limits were much smaller, I started deleting my oldest messages. That was mighty dumb and now I delete nothing unless it’s a massive attachment that I don’t need to keep around.

Obviously, there is nothing new in this story and people have been fearing this more and more to the point where we meet the singularity. I just hadn’t really experienced it to this point before and it made me realize how I rely on technology to index what I know as there is no way I’d remember all my contacts’ information on my own. It’s scary really and there is much, much more of this to come.