My balcony’s 15 minutes


With everything I have going for me, sooner or later, my fame was bound to rub off on others, in this case, my balcony.

As an homage to those who lost their homes in old La Ribera after regal butthole, Phillip V ordered a citadel built that would evict 20% of Barcelona’s population at the time, an artist has come up with posting the names of all the neighborhood families they could find around the Mercat del Born. Of course, this did not go without notice and Vilaweb and Ara had articles on it today because just yesterday we had our, “Daves” sign installed. We’ve agreed to keep it up for the next two months as festivities start to mark the 300th anniversary of the Fall of Barcelona and the end of whatever Catalan independence used to exist.

How unique was this neighborhood? Some call it the center of old Barcelona. While this maybe a bit of embellishment, it’s true that it has a lot going for it and was very important to the old city. For me, it’s just home for the moment and I have a big ass banner hanging across my balcony that allows me to hide from the imbeciles who eat at the horrid, La Paradeta restaurant below.