Mutha Ucka Just Went and Blew my Uckin’ Mind

I originally saw this here and that article author was pretty blown away by it as well. It ties in well with a past article I wrote called, The Brilliance of Editing. And it all goes to show why Puffy Blow Diddy Job Pee Ho (or whatever he calls himself now) is such a worthless hack. There are saps like him and then there are true samplers like the example above. Of course none of this bodes well for the music of the future because without some original content plugged in every now and again, are we just going to keep remixing the remixes until we explode? Most likely yes and is a great deal of the reason why the hipster is such a dead end that is epitomizing this before it really even happens to a massive degree. Just imagine ten years from now. I’ll only be able to stand that if the world continues to produce good wine and cheese.
Oh, if you want more of this, go here although that one above is the best.