Mullets to Homohawks

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been up in my hometown of Oroville (I can’t believe that is a PageRank 5 site…) for the last few days. This is not a journey made in haste or without culture shock. While Oroville and San Francisco (much more proper site) are both Northern Californian towns, they share little in common.
I could list the differences until next year, but some of the quick ones are a lack of ocean in Oroville, a lack of lake in San Francisco, a lack of a ballet, symphony, opera, and dramatic theatres in Oroville, a lack of space in San Francisco, etc. etc. etc. There is one big difference though and that is in hair styles.
Oroville loves the Mullet. What is a joke in the big City is something people pay good gobs of money to maintain up in the sticks. I’ve seen some amazing ones like this one super buff huge dude who had his permed and bleach blonde. I wasn’t about to tell him one way or the other what I thought about it and I just hoped I didn’t stare too much.
In San Francisco, the Homohawk still keeps popping up like that annoying kid in High School. I know it’s in bad taste to link to my own site for something like this, but you see, everyone wants to keep calling it the Fauxhawk. That’s decently clever, but look at the date on my article. I’ve been calling it that for a long time and honestly, “homohawk” is just way, way cleverer. Get with it.
Anyways, it’s the transition between these two that makes your head swim because if you’ve been jaunting between hickland and high society for eight years like I have, you start to see what are the primarily gay haircuts down here creep in to the mainstream cowboy looks and then it recycles back. I’m sure that in a couple of years Homohawks will be strutting around Montgomery Street (Oroville, not SF) with pride. This. Screws. With. My. Head. Really gang, it’s tough to take. I wish that region would stick to their respective looks, but as long at the metropolitan areas are fascinated with the White Trash and the country thinks that anything from the Big City is cool and hip, this juxtaposition from hell will exist for me. Oh well, it keeps my act lively and fancy free. Yee haw!

Sorry to quote so much from Wikipedia in this one. They just had the easiest stuff to find and my hickness was feeling lazy when I done did write this here thang.