Muchos Huevos

Balls. Stephen Colbert has them. You wish that yours (substitute ‘ovs’ for the feminine counterpoint) were bigger.
Hopefully, this will still be up by the time you’re reading this, but Stephen just recently did the White House Correspondents’ dinner and man… He took a huge risk and said things there were more true than funny. There weren’t a lot of laughs, but what a statement.
There are links there to download the whole thing. I’d put a link here, but my bandwidth just isn’t quite up to snuff to do it. It’s pretty super enjoyable if you’re liberal. If you’re a conservative, first off, how the hell are you still reading my blog (???) and secondly, you ain’t gonna like what the Col-Bear has to say.
This is right up there with the last one that Clinton did. I’m not sure which is better. Clinton’s was damned entertaining and showed that he can be a pretty easy going guy. But this one. This one just says all that needs to be said.
Here’s some more of it on YouTube: Part I, Part II, and Part III. Yeah, I really think it’s worth watching.