Movie Making is a Crazy Thing

I was looking at the articles for this month and they’ve been somewhat sparse. I suppose that’s mainly due to the fact that I have stepped deep into the whacky world of film production.
For most directors out there, it can be a stressful event. For instance, Terry Gilliam temporarily lost the use of his legs because he got so stressed out on a film shoot. And to think, that happened to a guy with production assistants, a personal assistant, and a directing assistan, not to mention all of the folks handling all of the other aspects of the film.
I’m not so lucky. I get to do everything myself. Actor needs a plane flight to San Francisco? I need to book it. Got a strange location to find? I need to find it. The list goes on. But, let me emphasize that this is not complaining by a long shot. It’s merely being realistic of the feat in front of me, my labor of love. And, I guess that’s what it comes down to, since you need to love something like this to throw yourself at it repeatedly.
I’m also going to start doing yoga, since I’m about 10-12 inches away from touching my toes, meaning I’m about as flexible as a telephone pole. It may seem like too many things to do, but I think that this may be one of those things that keeps me sane. I’m trying Funky Door Yoga in case you were interested which one –