Motorcycles are not well taken care of

I am of the opinion and conslusion that motorcycle owners simply do not care for their vehicles at all. My evidence for this theory is the fact that when they pull up to a light, they had to rev the engine quite a bit. I’ve owned older cars where this has been the case as well. The also have to put the pedal all the way down when going up hills. As with the first point, I’ve experienced this in older cars which are not running well. There must be a problem with the carbuerator on a cycle as well, since upon starting, they will sit in one place letting it idle for a very long time. This symptom I know all too well with the older car that is in bad running order. Lastly, they are very loud. This is no doubt due to a bad muffler or exhaust system that in order to keep the machine in its barely running condition, they must have to skimp on fixing the exhaust.
I’m not sure if this applies to all motorcycle owners, since I don’t apparently hear the ones that are in proper running order. It could be that maybe I don’t understand the workings of the motorcycle and that this poor running order is quite normal. Or it just may simply be that a good portion of motorcycle riders are thoughtless jackasses that have to rattle the crap out of the buildings as they floor it going up the street.
Just an observation based upon relational experiences.