Mostar is Cool, but Unfinished

Mostar is a really neat spot to visit. It is full of daytrippers from all over, but I think you should easily spend one or two nights there so that you don’t short shrift a visit to it. After all, they have great burek and čevapčići, so that warrants a visit to any place that supply those in great number and high quality. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not as good as Sarajevo, but they’re still damned tasty, especially the burek and pita.
The old city is simply beautiful. The only downside is that it had to be heavily restored after the war when the Croats and Bosniaks were fighting their very deadly war down there which ultimately ended in no side winning, the old town in ruins, and the beautiful old bridge across the Neretva destroyed by assinine Croats.
So, this restoration effort has mainly focused on what I term, Tourist Alley that is the stretch that runs out from each side of the bridge. Beyond this, lovely old buildings still sit in ruin and some look like they’re just going to crumble further to a point of obliteration.
The other sad point, which we learned from our pension owners while we were there was that before the war, 70% of the town was comprised of mixed marriages between Croats and Bosniaks. Now, while I assume those marriages must exist in some fashion somewhere, the town is divided. People have traded houses so that there is now a definitive Bosniak section and a definitive Croat section. It’s all quite sad really and just stupid.
But for tourists, go to Mostar. It’s ready for you and while the number one spot in the Balkans, in my mind right now, Mostar has a lot to offer as well.
Mostar is Cool, but Unfinished