Most Unfortunate Manufacturing

I have been and probably will always be a big fan of the Leatherman tool. I personally use the Juice line, as it is smaller and easier for me to deal with as a computer guy.
I took a good deal of pride in these tools, since they’re pretty damn tough, extremely useful and an example of something good made in the USA. Unfortunately, it appears that this has changed at some point since I bought mine. The reason I deduced this is because on the hinge of the pliers, there was a little “USA” on it that gave me the warm feeling I needed of supporting my fellow countrymen. I recently bought a new tool as a gift for a friend and looked at the same spot to find nothing of the sort. While it doesn’t say, “China” on it, I’m sure they must be made somewhere overseas now.
My big question is, why? How can it be that much cheaper to manufacture this outside the country when shipping must add a great deal to the cost? How can it be that they made a great line of tools here in the US for so long and (even after searching all over their website) it appears they must make them somewhere else now?
Undoubtedly the quality is going to go down as it always does. One change seems to lead to another with items that started out good here. It’s just so sad to see. I’m really curious if it really is the case that these aren’t made here anymore, since there is[was?] nothing else like them. The day when mine has finally had it will be judgement day on whether I buy another, knowing what I know now.