Moritz Barcelona plays a numbers game


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m more of a wine or cocktail kind of guy, but I have nothing against beer. In fact, I’m very pro-beer when it comes to local brewery, Moritz if for no other reason than the fact they have some of the most creative marketing people working there that I’ve ever seen.

Basically for anyone not using the US date format, yesterday was 11-12-13. Okay, groovy, whatever. Of course the Moritz folks then thought, “What comes after 13? Right, 14.” So, again if using the 24 hour clock instead of AM/PM nonsense, you have 14:00 and then you have 15:00. Alrighty, sounds like a good time to do something as it’s otherwise dead in Barcelona during these hours. So, how about this which is to have people come in to their shop and say this popular Catalan tongue-twister.

In English that translates to “Sixteen judges on a tribunal eat the liver of a hanged man. But if the hanged man were saved, he would eat the sixteen livers of those sixteen judges on the tribunal.” Catalans can run a bit to the macabre and it’s mostly to watch with giddiness when Castilian speakers try to say it as the sounds don’t exist in that language; English not so much of a problem.

So, you’re now at the number 16 after the date 11-12-13, and the hours 14-15. Where do you go next? Seventeen, which was the prize given to anyone who came in and said the tongue-twister in that they received a bottle of the really tasty 1714 beer as a gift. You can see some of the results here and naturally they received a good deal of social media traction because of it.