Mobile Corporate Hippies

What’s up with all the goobers on either mobiles or on mobiles attached to freakin’ cyborg headsets having these lengthy, involved discussions while shopping at Whole Foods in SF (California & Franklin location)? I can understand doing this if you’re clothes shopping, which is a pretty brainless activity, but these people are buying food. This isn’t any food I might add. If it was, they’d be at Safeway dumping Sugar-o-go’s Cereal in their cart and not thinking a lick about it. No, these are people who realize that the food in Whole Foods is remarkably better and healthy, that’s why they go there.
I suppose some of it is my fault. If I went there in the morning, I probably wouldn’t see all these corporate tards with a hippy flare shopping like I do in the evening. Still, I’m sure some of them would be there. So weird. But, will it make me go elsewhere for my food needs? Nah, not really. The food is just too good there to really go anywhere else, so I suppose I shall have to deal and blitch about it. Of course, if they have a remote therapy session on their phone, I’ll be required to bean them with an organic water melon; when they’re in season of course.