Misworded Mondays: Web 3.0

Defintion: One of the terms used to describe the evolutionary stage of the Web that follows Web 2.0. Given that technical and social possibilities identified in this latter term are yet to be fully realized the nature of defining Web 3.0 is highly speculative. In general it refers to aspects of the internet which, though potentially possible, are not technically or practically feasible at this time.
Usage: “Colm has been developing a new Web 3.0 application that we’re ever so excited about. It will revolutionize the field of ass kissing!”
Reality: Web 2.0 was a painful term to hear, bandied about by many a marketing whore. The fact that any next iteration of the web could possibly be called Web 3.0 infects my soul with pain. Sure, if you want to think about what is next in the web, a 3.0 moniker might apply, but the problem is that these things become buzzwords for moron-speak. People run around say, “Oh wow, nice web 2.0.” or “Hey, let me buy you a drink for going web 2.0.” Nobody in this circle really knows what they mean, so saying that a site is Web 3.0 is ludicrous. No website is currently a 3.0 website. It’s true. Point one out to me and I’ll buy you a beer if it’s true. Hell, I’ll even give you an awkward lap dance in front of (or to) your grandma if it were true. That’s how sure I am of no Web 3.0 applications existing. Let’s just keep in mind that we’re still just kind of finishing up the whole web 2.0 thing as the 2.0 social websites start merging/folding with one another.
It may be true that Web 3.0 will have something to do with mobile technology as Android and the iPhone have started to take off, but we’ll know if this is the next generation of the web when we see it and it probably won’t be until 2010. As it is now, all these mobile features are just outgrowths of 2.0 business. Cry “Fie!” on all those who would be Web 3.0 in this day and age and make sure to light their marketing people on fire just out of principle.
Misworded Mondays: Web 3.0

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  1. I’m Web 1.9. It means I engage in net-based interaction, but don’t admit it to anyone I know in real life.

    1. I didn’t want to tell anyone, but this site runs in Web -2.3 which means that it sucks all whored technology from other sites. This internet blackhole technology has taken years to perfect. I relied heavily on pioneering cybersquatters.

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