Misworded Mondays: An Introduction

I was an English Literature major in college. This means that I studied the hell out of a lot of books that no one in their sane minds would ever want to read (I’m looking squarely at you 18-19th century [sorry E]). It also means that I’m a language snob who has absolutely no training in linguistics because my degree is in reading and bullshitting, not in actual language construction. In everyday practice that means I get really, really mad about how other people appropriate words in to weird contexts, but I can’t tell you why you should care, only that I’m pissed and you should be pissed too.
Thankfully, at some point, I remembered and (#1 Fan pointed out) that I do have a blog, which is nothing more than a space to rant about how pissed I am about something as well as to inform folks about where I am in the world. So, here we have it, ‘Misworded Mondays’. As I see fit (which probably means I’ll do this for a month and then forget about it) I’m going to put up a word, put up the proper definition, use it in a sentence, and then go on to define how it’s really being used. We’ll see how successful this format is and if I can keep it up with the same level of professionalism I maintain through all my activities (the quality of my naps is unapproachable.) Enjoy it or not. Maybe Monday will start to be the day you check out Pengovsky’s NSFW post instead.
Misworded Mondays: An Introduction

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    1. And maybe twist it a little. If it’s any consolation, most of the actual terms from this point forward are going to be making fun of the industry that I work in.

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