Misc Randomness

I’ve always been a big fan of Vice, especially their DOs and DON’Ts section. They have of course upped the ante when they asked for people to write their own DOs & DON’Ts for a set up photos they came up with. The winner was brilliant and I’m thankful I didn’t even try to send anything else because I would have been tossed in the pile of losers. Near the top mind you, but a loser nonetheless. I bow to this guy from Oakland whomever he is.
Then there’s the other end of things where someone just kind of tosses together their own site and you kind of dig it. I was looking around for Missy Elliot’s site without actually doing a search for her. I do the same thing with new technology. I try to use it and master it without reading the instruction booklet. I’m partially that good, but also partially a massive freakin’ geek and too blockheaded to do things the easy way sometimes. Anyways, I go to www.missy.com and eh, wrong! But, wait a sec, this is kind of funny. If you click through each of the photos you get something else. Some are perverse and strange, but I can appreciate that in a still waking up, not had any caffeine, avoiding the gym kind of way.