Minor Frustrations

So, Apple updated iTunes again which is good, since version 7 has been buggy as all smackout. I just don’t get why it has to erase my preferences when it installs though. I also don’t get why Apple had it install this Apple Updating Software which looks a lot like the one on OSX, but yet it doesn’t update anything. I had to grab this update manually. And while we’re on the topic of this update, why is there no patched version? Why do I always have to download what is basically a complete install every time there is an update? And it’s the same thing on the Mac with the exception of the OS patches. Get with it Cupertino.

On a completely different topic, yet still under the same heading, it looks like The Onion picked up on my red is crap bit I posted. Great, so now everyone is gonna thing I copied The Onion instead of the fact it’s the other way around!