Melancholy Taxation

I am one of those people whom everyone hates about the middle of April. I already filed my taxes. Although I gotta say that the reasons for filing late are getting weaker and weaker. The whole online thing is pretty much rock and roll.
But, as I was sorting through all of my receipts and bills for last year, I came across those for travel expenses. Naturally not all of them could be used, but it was still fun to look through them and see the places I had been. Hitting the stack of paper from Europe was a lot of fun. There were these train tickets that when in large quantity seem quite mundane, but when tied to something like the nearly delirious train ride I took from Vienna to Graz (it was right after getting off my non-sleeping plane flight from SFO), I regard them warmly.
It’s just fun to see the different wordings and try to figure out what some things meant or why in the hell I was going from Pragersko to Ljubljana. Oh, that’s right, that was the closest station to Marko and family in Slovenia. It was also where I sat in a cabin with a girl who initially didn’t realize I was an American, but when she did, she was rather taken aback as to why I was in Pragersko, essentially a complete backwater of Slovenia. “Oh, I’m doing a castle tour of Slovenia.” Naturally, I told her I was joking minutes later, since the entire concept of such a thing is ludicrous to most Europeans being that there is either a castle or the ruins of a castle every mile or so. Obviously a very unfamiliar concept to we from the New World.
But, it just make me melancholy and look forward to future Europe trips with a great deal of anticipation. That and the fact I’m done with my taxes already. Ha. Ha.