Meanwhile, Hungarian Teachers are Gettin’ Nekkid

Yeah, Barack won, great. You know, there is other news in the world and while we were all busy getting amped up on Obama Juice, shit was goin’ down in Hungary. While they are known for their ample porn productions that may or may not feature hot classroom sex, one teacher decided that enough was enough and it was time to strip in front of the student body.
As was pinged in, Pesticide and originally covered in “real” media outlet, The Sun, Teresa Juhasz decided to act on a dare at the high school she teaches German at and strip down. This… is hot. This is why more kids need to be educated outside the US or UK (puritans, the lot of you.) I mean, kids learn that nekkidity is no big thing when in the The Europe. Tits are tits and asses are asses. One of my favorite shows in Spanish primetime happens to be one where some women with big breasts constantly has her top unsnapping and they film the reactions of innocent bystanders. I love it because a) I can understand the plot given my nascent Spanish speaking and b) that’s as good a broadcasting as Miss Juhasz is teaching.
Oh yeah, you can watch videos of the event (which is really a non-event) on the links above. I live in US America currently, which despite electing the first black president, is unable to give gays the right to marry. So, I figure showing any kind of sexiness is a big no-no.