Me versus the English crapification of French

Life is still painful in learning French. And yes, it’s still the pronunciation aspect of it, especially given that the French words that directly exist in English are so incredibly screwed up. #1 Fan tipped me off to this article that compared all the French words that we use in English, often with no respect to their original meaning.
Probably the worst out of the group is “déjà vu”, not because it’s a fragment of the more complete “Je l’ai déjà vu”, but more because in English, we say it with the other “oo” sound, which when written in French is “déjà vous” which literally means, “already you”. Kinda stupid.
Anyways, the fight with French pronunciation, forgetting how badly it’s set up in English, and how much easier it would be to say in Spanish continues, although it will be on hold for the next two weeks while I’m back in AngloLand.