Me and Them

Okay, so here we go, I saw these two gay guys walking in front of me. They were a couple and holding hands and making out at stoplights, okay? That’s the only way I could tell. Hell, maybe they were both bisexual and in to guys our something at the moment, but for purposes, they were two gay guys and they need to be gay in order to emphasize the point I’m about to make, which is, why they hell do those two have more style than me?
No, they weren’t in better shape than I am. I was actually a lot slimmer and all that. No, they weren’t dressed better than I was. They looked like two slackers really with kinda lousy pants and t-shirts. So why the hell is it that all the girls were checking them out and skipping past me? I mean, you’d think I’d get some accidental stares just because they were looking at these two as they walked by. Then it hit me. No, not a mail box I didn’t see, but the fact it all lies in the hair.
These two had whatever trendy of the moment haircuts that are the fashion right now. I’ve got an average, part on one side, comb to the other thing happening. Pretty boring really, but that’s just my hair. It sucks to work with because it’s very straight (pun intended mofos.) So, I guess I’ll just lose out because I simply do not have the budget to get haircuts other than down the street from the Thai guy who does a pretty decent job really, but it ain’t trendy.