McNuggets now with White Meat!

Saw an advertisement on the side of the bus stoking the fact that McNuggets now are all white meat. Yay! Hurrah! What the hell were they before? I guess they were something of a brown color if memory serves from 10 or 15 years ago when I had one of those things last. But, it didn’t seem to be bad and they seemed to have a somewhat chicken flavor.

But now they have white meat, which a lot of people prefer. Oh, wait a second, that’s white meat, not breast meat and you better believe there is a difference. Breast meat is that nice tender meat that we all quest after in the turkey and chicken anatomy and yes, it is white in color. But, because breast meat is white and McNuggets are made of white meat, does not mean that they are made of breast meat. No, my calorie-prone friend, white meat is this foul thing that that the fast food industry has come up with which is just meat that has been bleached out through a chemical process to look white. Sound disgusting? You betcha.

So, that’s not breast meat you’re eating there, is some kind of bleached chicken sausage thing that’s all kinds of other items of the chicken. But, I doubt this is grossing you out if you actually eat those damned things, since who in the hell would eat something called a McNugget afterall? That McSounds worse than deep-fried bleached chicken substance anyday.

3 Replies to “McNuggets now with White Meat!”

  1. You do realize the breast is not the only white meat on a chicken right? Most nugget and similar chicken products are made with mechanically separated chicken meat anyhow, which is just the meat left on the bird after being butchered down. The meat now used by McD’s is white mechanically separated and scrap chicken meat.

  2. It’s actually as opposed to dark meat nuggets. Which used to be a thing. A delicious, juicy, incredibly unhealthy fatty thing.

  3. This is a bit false. Unless they are directly lying, this is what they claim McDonalds Chicken McNuggets contain: “The only meat used in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets is chicken breast meat. “

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